How to add Cognito login to a website

How to use Cognito users and implement an OAuth 2.0 login flow in a webapp

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Tamás Sallai
12 mins

Cognito offers a managed way to add user handling to an application. With it you can outsource password management, MFA support, account recovery, session handling, and a lot of other tasks that are hard to implement. Instead, you need to use the OAuth 2.0 flow and make sure it's secure.

In this article you'll learn how to create and configure a user pool and how to implement the login flow in a web application. You'll also learn how to secure your backend by checking the tokens the users get from Cognito.

There is a GitHub repository that deploys everything in your account with Terraform so you can see how everything works.

This is the full flow we'll implement:

And here's how it works: