How to manage Lambda log groups with Terraform

21 January 2020, Tamás Sallai
Lambda automatically creates all log resources when a function is created which enables permanent logging even if you do nothing special to enable it. This is convenient as logging is an essential debugging tool, and you don’t want to realize you don’t have any records when you need them.

Using external libraries in JShell

14 January 2020, Dávid Csákvári
After I’ve experimented with JShell to solve mathematical puzzles with the Java’s Standard Library, I set out to use it for two other use cases: investigate external libraries, and use the REPL experiment with classes defined in a project.

How to solve CORS problems when redirecting to S3 signed URLs

07 January 2020, Tamás Sallai
The implementation of signed URLs on the frontend usually uses a 2-phase fetch. First, there is a request to the backend, asking to sign an S3 URL. Then a separate request is sent to the bucket to fetch the file.

How to integrate PlantUML into other software

31 December 2019, Tamás Sallai
I like text-based image generation for illustrating a point in an article. And I’ve found that putting images, any type of image, to break the text flow helps a lot with understanding. Even when I see some cat pictures strewn over it helps to avoid the wall-of-text effect. But why stop at unrelated cat pictures?

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