Master AWS serverless app development

Serverless apps rely on a diverse set of services offered by the cloud. It's no longer a simple command that you can run on your machine. Instead, you need to configure things like compute, database, object storage, entry points, user directory, and permissions using a dedicated service. In AWS, that means you'll use Lambda, S3, DynamoDB, IAM, Cognito, and CloudFront even for a simple webapp.

This can feel daunting. Where to start from the >200 services AWS offers?

These books and courses are there to help you with your serverless journey. From the foundational concepts to specializing on some aspects, you'll find well-researched, in-depth content with plenty of examples. They are designed for developers who write code.

Diving deep
How to handle files in an AWS serverless environment

How to design, implement, and deploy GraphQL-based APIs on the AWS cloud

The building blocks of modern asynchronous programming