During my day-to-day work, I have a strong influence on what technologies and approaches I use to solve problems. I love learning, so I choose interesting ones that provide a steady stream of novel and fascinating problems and solutions.

I recognized that I encounter something remarkable every few days and now I can recall a ton of them. Learning something like the difference between RxJs's first() and take(1), doing some research on serving static file on GitHub, or coming up with a neat one-liner to convert an Array of elements into an Array of pairs.

In 2017 I started a challenge: I wrote down 100 interesting things related to web development, be it related to the intricacies of the languages or something about general-purpose libraries.

To my surprise, I finished in around a week.

The next step was to start writing a newsletter and send out a new tip every week. This is how the JS Tips & Tricks newsletter was started.

I keep it fresh by updating the libraries and pruning out anything that is no longer relevant. The result is a short, self-contained article arriving in your inbox every week like clockwork.


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