Announcing: S3 and CloudFront Signed URLs first public release

How to handle files in an AWS serverless environment

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Tamás Sallai
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I'm happy to announce the first publicly available version of my next book! While there are a lot of topics that are work-in-progress, I feel that it is already helpful enough to start putting it up for sale.

The main part is the dual implementation of an ecommerce site where the same functionality is implemented in two ways: the first one is a traditional, server-centric way, while the other one is using only serverless technologies. As you'll read these chapters you'll see the use-case for signed URLs in action.

This is a rewrite of my first book back from 2020. While some chapters are similar, it expands a lot on example projects and will also include CloudFront signed URLs, a feature that was not mature enough when I wrote the first book. The format is the webpage + pdf + epub, which turned out to be way more user-friendly than the various stores the original book was available on. Because of these, I consider this version a complete rewrite and not just a simple update.

My plan is to gradually add more chapters to the book. My last book was finished in 15 months, but this is a slightly smaller topic so it will probably take less time. But similar to the process I followed last time, every purchase includes all future chapters as they become available.

You can find preview chapters and buy the book at this site:

August 26, 2023
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