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“Developing great software is more of a human than a technological task. While programming languages, frameworks and tools are changing constantly, they are generally based on a few foundation concepts. On the other hand understanding the needs, managing a project and doing the right thing are often more deciding factors of success. I live up to this challenge.“ - Tamás Sallai


Dashboard site front end

DIY Vehicle Tracker

Electronic Worksheet System

Broadcast System

Online User Guide Framework

Liferay Learning Management System

“Excellent work, great communication, quickly responded to small changes requested. Would definitely hire again.“ - Max Clark
“A great freelancer.“ - William Guan
“Tamas' quality of work and interpersonal skills are exceptional which make him a pleasure to work with. Throughout the entire sprint he kept me in the loop and made steady code pushes to adhere to my business schedule. Given how intensive the project was and his ability to deliver, I would not hesitate to hire him again.“ - Anthony Dominguez
“Excellent work. I really appreciate how much thought went into the details. The features that were "obvious" did not have to be spelled out. Very helpful instructions for building and deploying the finished product. Thank you!“ - Justin Dennis
“Great work!“ - John Feminella
“Great, efficient, technologically capable. Completed our project quickly, on time, and under budget.“ - John Feminella



Master Degree Certificate

Liferay Advanced Developer


Data Science Specialization - In progress

Algorithms: Design and Analysis

Functional Programming Principles in Scala