Short articles on common problems

A collection of 100 tips related to Javascript and web technologies. All of them were helpful at one point in my day-to-day work as a web developer.

Each of these tips comes with a useful, interesting, and often surprisingly deep analysis. You'll learn where you'll encounter the problem, the context, and the possible solutions with edge cases. Most of the tips also have click-to-try example codes.

Get a deeper understanding of web technologies.

It started as a challenge

I was curious whether I could collect 100 useful things related to web development. It turned out it's not a hard challenge.

Alternatively, you can get all 100 in a book, in one convenient place.

How to shuffle an Array, how to generate proper random numbers, how to secure 3rd-party dependencies

A lot of topics are covered in these articles. I was constantly surprised how deep each topic was and how complicated things were once I started looking. I never imagined undefined could have so many edge cases, for example.

At one point I needed to shuffle an Array. Searching for a solution online, it's easy to find a short one-liner that is wrong. The proper solution is a bit more involved.

Later I needed to upload a zip file to a webapp and I did not want to lose the contents on page refresh. It turned out that storing binary data in localStorage is possible, though it's not simple.

This book is full of problems like these: little things that you might not give a second thought, but scratching the surface reveals a surprising depth. And by learning about these, you'll understand web development on a whole new level.


About the author
Tamás Sallai

I'm a software developer focusing mostly on cloud computing and web technologies. I'm especially interested in how to handle edge cases to end up with dependable software.

One of my main focus is security and how each part affects the whole system. I'm an AWS-certified security specialist.

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